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Cacio e Pepe

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

What you need:



-Whole Peppercorns


-Pasta water

-Garnish: Parsley, Lemon

-Optional: Poached Egg


Mortal and Pestle

What to do:

1. Mise en place aka gather your ingredients. Video for reference: Cacio e Pepe 101.

2. Get your water boiling, and make it ocean water. (AKA add salt.)

3. Crush your peppercorns with a mortal and pestle. If you don't have 4. one crush the pepper between two heavy pans.

5. Grate your cheeses!

6. Add your pasta to your boiling water, cook for 5 mins, for Al Dente. (Don't worry you'll finish it off in your sauce.)

7. In a pan toast your peppercorns for 2-3 mins. Once toasted add a

8. spoon full of pasta water.

9. To your grated cheese add some pasta water and mix. Make a creamy mixture.

10. Take your pasta, our of the water with slotted spoon, and add to pan with peppercorns.

11. Add spoonful of pasta water and mix for 2/3 mins. Continue this process 2-3 times (your going to want to cook/add water similar to cooking risotto).

12. The big moment! Add you cheese, mix until creamy. Add another spoonful of pasta water to incorporate smoothly.

13. Plate up. Top with peppercorns, salt, pecorino shaving, and parsley. Optional top with poached egg for extra creaminess.

14. ENJOY!

Pair With:

Glass of Savignblanc or Pinot Noir.

..or honestly any wine of your choice!


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