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Matcha Crepes w/Raspberry Coulis

What you need:

-Pancake Mix



-Vanilla Extract/Almond Extra

-Frozen Raspberries


-Heavy Cream or Whipped Cream





Optional: Ring Molds


Pancake Mix: 1 Cup

Milk: 1 1/2 Cup

Egg: 1

Salt: 1 Tsp.

Vanilla: 1 Tsp.

Almond: 1 Tsp.

Matcha Whip Cream:

Heavy Cream: 1/2 Cup

Sugar: To Taste

Matcha Powder: 2-3 Tsp.

Raspberry Coulis:

Frozen Raspberries: 1 Cup

Sugar: 1 Tsp.



Matcha Powder

What to do:

1. Mise en Place, gather and measure all your ingredients.

2. In a large bowl add your crepe mixture. Pancake mix, milk, egg, vanilla/almond extract, and salt. Mix. Set aside and move to a liquid measuring cup.

3. Matcha Whip Cream. In a cold bowl, add cold heavy cream and mix until stiff peaks form. Add Matcha powder and sugar to taste. Set aside in fridge.

4. Raspberry Coulis. In a small pan add frozen raspberries and sugar. Bring to a boil and then simmer. Cook until a jam like texture, about 5-10 mins.

5. Cook crepes! In a large pan, coat pan with butter, add crepe batter, swirl around. When bubbles start to form on crepe let cook, and flip.

6. Continue to make crepes, until the batter is done.

7. Use ring molds to make mini crepe stacks or plate as is.

8. Layer crepes and Matcha whip cream. Finish with raspberry coulis. Sift Matcha powder over plate and add fresh raspberries.

9. Enjoy!

Pair with:

Cold Brew Cocktail

Nitro Cold Brew or Choice

3/4 oz. Kahlua

1 oz. Vodka

Mix over ice


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