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Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Updated: Nov 29, 2020


What you need:

Cheese: Fillers:

-Peppadew Gouda -Peppadew Peppers

-Camembert -Cornichons Pickles

-Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese -Cucumbers

-Sharp Cheddar -Strawberries

Meat: Jam:

-Spicy Salami -Fig Jam

-Sopressta -Honey

Garnish: Gadgets:

-Honeycomb -Wood Board

-Rosemary -Sharp Knife

-Fall Flowers -Some Creativity

Feeds 4-6

What to Do:

  1. Start with your cheeses, cut, and slice.

  2. Next, add the meats. *Pro Tip: To get that fancy look, fold your salami in half, then in half again and stack them horizontally together! #salamiriver

  3. Start to fill in your blanks and add the fillers. *Pro Tip: The fuller the board looks, the better it looks!

  4. Finish off with your garnish.

  5. Pair with crackers or bread of your choice and ENJOY!

Pair with:

Blood Orange Gin Fizz

1 oz Gin

1 oz Blood Orange Juice

3/4 oz Elderflower

1/2 Lime Juice

Shake it up!

Top with Soda Water


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